Privacy Policy

Treatment Policy and Personal Data Protection

A Valstone, ciente da importância de um correto tratamento e proteção da sua informação, nomeadamente no que respeita aos dados pessoais com que lida no desenvolvimento da sua atividade mantem um Sistema de Gestão de Tratamento e Proteção de Dados (SGTPD).

This is based on the present policy that appears to be mandatory for all its employees.

For the purposes of the SGTPD, Personal Data means any information relating to the natural person, ie information that allows the data subject to be identified or identifiable.
In turn, Personal Data Processing means any operation (automated or not) on personal data. It is ensured that the personal data used at Valstone complies with the following information security principles:

Confidentiality - Information is only accessed by authorized persons who really need to have access to it in compliance with the defined.

Integridade – a informação é mantida no seu formato original não sendo alterada, falsificada ou furtada.

Availability - Information is urgently accessible (to authorized personnel). By complying with the innumerable principles, Valstone aims to safeguard the processing and security of personal data of its employees, customers and third parties in order to ensure:

Compliance with the National Data Protection Regulation;
Compliance with the statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to the sector of activity in this matter;
The clear definition of the organizational measures including the technological aspects that guarantee the safeguarding of the information namely backups, antivirus, access to the servers,…
The ethical performance of employees and partners;
Through training, awareness and dissemination, a corporate culture of information security and protection of personal data;
59/5000 Prevention against threats, whether internal or external;
63/5000 The reduction of existing personal data in paper format;
The prompt and systematic response to any person who demands the fulfillment of their rights, namely the right to forget or portability;
Constant monitoring of the SGTPD to ensure continuous improvement. This policy reflects Valstone's strategy which it undertakes to disclose to ensure its commitment and thus its effective implementation.

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